Distinguishing of Your Temperament

Psychology is a developing science that gives excellent opportunities to build a career and witness new discoveries. Even if you are not genuinely interested in this field you might just want to get to know yourself better.

pexels-photo-906052.jpegPsychology is a very interesting science. With the help of it’s achievements we can research the hidden corners of our souls. This can be really exciting and even make you discover something new about your personality and traits of your character. You can make numerous tests to determine what will your reaction be to a certain event, how you act in extreme situations, what is your aim that you don’t notice, how well you get along with others. All the above stated questions and the answers you’ll get make up your temperament, a psychological term used to show types of personality by I.P. Pavlov, famous scientist from Russia.

He made a theory of temperament after doing some research on the topic and his theory is proved by experiments. In his personal experience essay and just notes he gives a detailed description of person’s reaction to the same event. You sit peacefully on a bench in the park and read the newspaper. You bought a new cap today, but the day is hot so you put it nearby on the bench and continue to read. You see an old lady approaching. She takes a free seat near you and says nothing, opens a book and reads. Suddenly, it dawns on you that she’s sitting on your new cap. What is your reaction? If you laugh and make jokes to calm the poor granny down you are a sanguine; if you start yelling and your face turns red of the strain and you don’t care about the granny who is probably going to have a heart attack, you are choleric; if you burst into tears and allow the granny to comfort you, you are melancholic; and if you ignore everything including granny’s sitting on your cap and the start of the rain you are a typical phlegmatic. These for types can be described by anybody who makes observations in an experience essay, if you have enough patience to observe your reactions to different situations long enough.

Temperament is not the only field to research and find out new things about you. You may also try to prove Freud’s theory, who says that intellect is completely subjected the passionate nature of a human being and his/her needs. You may see for yourself if you can find “collective unknown” and “individual unknown” which may also be very exciting. Finally, there are a lot of IQ tests that make you understand better in which direction to work to make your mental abilities better. You can not only experiment with yourself but have a friend who is willing to find out something new about his nature. Psychology is still a developing science so that can be a motivator to try your skills in this field professionally. Who knows, maybe you are a born psychiatrist?


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