Organizing Pitfalls

Have you ever considered why you may be having trouble getting organized? Below are the top five reasons.

pexels-photo-57750.jpegHave you ever considered why you may be having trouble getting organized? Below are the top five reasons. Check and see if you are falling into one of these traps.

1. The ‘I’d Rather Do Something Else’ Mindset.
Let’s face it. We’d all rather be doing something fun, correct? One way to overcome this problem is to schedule your organizing projects for first thing in the morning. Do your project for an hour or so, and be done with it. Once it’s out of the way, your day will be free to do things that you really enjoy.

2. The ‘All or Nothing’ Philosophy.
You may be unwilling to begin an organizing project because you only like to start things that you know you can conclude in one session. Waiting until you can do ‘the whole thing’ often ends up in nothing getting done.

3. Broad Goals and Priorities
Just making the statement, ‘I have to get organized,’ is too open. It often results in an overwhelmed, ‘I don’t know where to start’ feeling. Instead of saying you want to get organized, make a list of the exact things you’d like to organize, such as your bedroom closet, or your filing cabinet at work, or your schedule.

4. A Sense of Attachment.
Sometimes it’s really hard to part with things because you may feel a sense of attachment. It is imperative to decide what things are ‘really’ important to you and what things are just taking up space.

5. Fear of Failure.
One of the major reasons for not starting an organizing project is fear of failure. You may feel that since you haven’t been able to get organized for so many years, that it will be impossible for you to get organized now. Or, you may feel that even if you do manage to get it organized, you might not be able to keep it up. Positive thinking is a must!!


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