Start Today

Below are several things you can do today to start getting organized.


Below are several things you can do today to start getting organized. A few simple things and you will immediately feel more in control of your environment.

Everything in your home or office should have a home — a regular and suitable place where that article is usually kept. Some items that you use every day, can be on display and/or readily accessible for everyday use. Other stuff like holiday decorations or out of season garments, can be stored in an out-of-the-way area in anticipation of being required. When an object strays from its ‘home,’ it can easily be lost, therefore causing stress and frustration. Clutter build-up as you would expect occurs when items are not kept and/or returned to their homes.

You do not have to say yes to every single demand for your aid. Schedule a set quantity of time every week for chance requests. Once that time window is full, do not take any more requests for your time that week.

Do not bring your mail over to your writing desk or table where it is bound to stack up and take hours to go through later. Open it right over the recycling bin, and get rid of all uncalled for mail and inserts without more ado.

Stop wasting morning time frenetically running around like a crazy person trying to get things completed in order to get to work on time. Do whatever you can to get ready the night before. Set the breakfast table. Set out your clothing, and your kids’ clothing. Have the coffeepot launch automatically by using the timer.

Stuff that is out-of-date, washed out, out of order or otherwise unusable can frequently be discarded. If you do not want it, and you do not know anyone else who wants it, chuck it at the moment. You will be freeing your space–and your mind!


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