I vividly remember having the scariest experience of speaking in front of my class in my high school. It was an experience I then never wanted to experience again. I felt that day what glossophobia or fear of public speaking is. Studies suggest that up to 75% of world’s population has this fear. This means out of every 10 people, at least 7 has it.

Looking broadly, it SEEMS this fear doesn’t affect much, after all how often do we have to speak in front of a group of people? But the effect, that most of the times not visible to us, ranges from limiting achievement of organizational objective to grabbing that next promotion that can change the life.

If nothing is done, it is certain the future would be the way it is right now, nothing more nothing less. But here is a tool for you, that can help you break-free from this fear and hone an ability that can move mountains – the ability to speak effectively and effortlessly in front of people.

The e-book ‘Don’t Fear The Mic’ is written with keeping the possibility of untangling the fear of public speaking and opening up a world of freedom from fear and full of expression for the reader.

Reading this tool would give you insight into 101 such tips that can be used to make your next presentation powerful and effective. If you deal with a group, this is a must-read for you.I invite you to go to ‘Don’t Fear The Mic’ and grab your copy to hone the skills of public speaking.

Best Wishes,
Manhardeep Singh

P.S. Do not limit this tool to yourself, forward and share it with your friends and family, you never know who might just need it.


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