FREE DOWNLOAD – The Story of a Wimpy Kid

David has a deep urge to discover himself, but his own family seems to be against him. Will David fulfill all his heart’s desires or will he be left to rot the rest of his life?

David is overwhelmed with joy after meeting his new classmate. He feels that his new classmate will be the person to guide him. But the guidance he received backfires when he fails the exams.

David is broken from within. His parents, teachers, and everyone else are against him. If he doesn’t get himself out of this, he will treat himself as a failure for the rest of his life.

As David meets his new neighbours, will they pull him out of this vicious circle?

The Story of a Wimpy Kid is a fast-paced fiction of a child who struggles to cope with society’s demands. If you like short but profound, fast-paced storyline, packed with life lessons, then you’ll love Manhardeep Singh’s thought-provoking book.

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