Create Win/win Outcomes And Relationships

Q. What happens when we go through life looking only at what’s in it for us? We get selfish, we get greedy, and we get dependent on getting more of the same.

The result? Our lives become attached to this way of being, often to the degree that we manifest a blatant disregard for others and our relationships. In turn, we become blinkered to the destructive nature of our actions and give rise to provocation and resentment. The solution? To create an outcome that ensures a win for all those involved.


Q. Are You?

  • Constantly Working Out What’s In It For You?
  • Guilty Of Taking From Others Purely So You Can Benefit Yourself?
  • Aware Of The Negativity And Ill-Feeling Caused By This?

Begin making the transformation today!

Q. What’s In It For You?

  • Unleash The Power Of Integrity
  • Discover How Mutual Benefit Serves All Those Involved
  • Learn How Winning Is About Giving, Not Just Taking

By seeking ways to manifest mutual gain, we develop trust and respect within ourselves and throughout our environment. In turn, we build stronger and more inter-dependent relationships that form the bedrock of future abundance. The path to creating this is to wake up, take a look at ourselves and step into a place of integrity.

How do we achieve this? Simple – when faced with the opportunity to manifest a win/win outcome, we must adopt the abundance mentality in believing there to be plenty of positivity and benefit in this for all concerned. When the other party is open to working in this way too, we have the green light to go ahead and achieve exactly this. If, on the other hand, the other party is disinterested in such a relationship, then we must determine whether or not we should continue any further. Result – our integrity blossoms and our relationship-building skills come to the fore in providing winning outcomes long into the future.


INQUIRY: Take a look back at some recent opportunities where you sought only to create a winning outcome for yourself. What were your intentions? How did you feel? What could you have done differently that created something of benefit for the other party?

ACTION: For the next thirty days, find ways to manifest mutual benefit in more and more of your relationships. Notice how different you feel.

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed.”

Mahatma Gandhi

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