Meditation and Self Mastery

Because of the many diseases that affect people each day, they find it difficult to develop self-mastery skills. The many illnesses caused from bacteria or viruses affect everyone each day. Other diseases are caused from bad habits such as, smoking, drinking alcoholic drinks, using illegal drugs and even through sex. Aside from that, there are some diseases that are suffered from urban communities that are called psychosis. Health problems of our soul and body sometimes happen because of climate change and dreadful conditions of our environment.


To overcome these kinds of diseases, many pharmaceutical technologies all over the world have been developing many medicines in curing these kinds of problems. Nevertheless, there are still new diseases that have been discovered that gives a bigger problem in our communities. Even the well-developed countries like the United States of America and the European countries are still trying to find some solutions about these problems. Medicines and pharmaceutical technologies cannot fully solve or cure these problems and they even create some side effects that could harm the patient and would eventually result into a more complicated situation like death.

Meditation is also considered as one of some healing therapies that are being used nowadays. It has been an alternative medicine by some in various parts of the world.

Everybody can heal their pains with the many approaches. An example is, whenever we feel pain, we usually buy some medicine in a drugstore or we visit our personal doctors on how we could get rid of the pain.

Alternatively, we sometimes just try to sleep if we are suffering from headaches or we get tired. According to biological science, our body has an immune system that would block/stop all the bacteria and viruses from penetrating our body. Nevertheless, if our immune system is damaged or could no longer do its work, that’s the time that we get sick.

Medication is actually used as an alternative healing, which can clear up room for developing self-mastery skills. We can convert our thinking and behaviors by training the mind to believe that all illnesses have cures. Meditation can also be a tool in developing our inner energy to heal our illnesses and transform into a healthier and fresher conditions.

Meditation can develop our inner energy in healing our health problems. It awakens our immune systems to in our body to work and heal our illnesses. When we are on a relaxed condition, our inner energy will automatically improve the condition of our mind, body and soul.

What kind of illness can meditation heal? Actually, all kinds of illnesses can be healed through meditation. Meditation can heal these illnesses directly or it may take time in healing. Illnesses such as, back pain, head pain, nerve pain, stress, hypertension, cardiovascular problems, anemia, stroke and leukemia are only some illnesses that can be cured through meditations.

Two Methods of Simple Meditations

1) The stand-up position meditation – Stand up freely on the floor. If the person cannot stand up on his own, ask someone to help the person to stand up and let him lean on the wall. Try to close your eyes and try to relax. Feel the energy inside your body and the energy of the earth around you. Do not forget to have faith that all your illnesses will be healed. Try to breathe normally for about 15-30 minutes. Some life-threatening illnesses such as leukemia and cancers have been healed through this kind of meditations.

2) Sit-down position meditation – this meditation is similar to the Stand up position meditation only that you will be sitting down with your legs crossed.


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