Great Teachers

This is a short and powerful article on how each individual impacts our life as a “teacher”. This article is concluded with thought provoking questions to get your own thought process moving.

A great teacher always leaves knowledge in his/her wake. They leave you with an understanding and knowingness you had not previously been aware of.

Great teachers do not always make their presence known. The teacher is sometimes disguised as an adversary such as the domineering parent, unfair employer, dishonest business partner, or unfaithful mate. The adversarial guide causes you to dig deep within your own spirit to reveal your own courage and power. On the contrary, a great teacher can be a wise and enlightened soul whose very presence is inspiring. They challenge you to find your own answers. A great teacher is a mentor who instructs by example. A true guide will never give you the answers or tell you what to do. They will assist by leading you inward to discover your own wisdom.

In either case, your life is greatly impacted when a teacher has appeared. You will walk away from the encounter with new knowledge and wisdom. You are never the same once they have entered your life. Each day you encounter numerous teachers and by embracing this understanding you open yourself up to many opportunities for growth.

Take a moment and consider this, “How was your life changed by someone in your life?” If it was an emotionally painful experience, what did you learn? If it was a mentor or guide, how did they inspire you? What wisdom or knowingness was left by their appearance in your life?


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