Baby Steps to Getting Organized

The truth is, you can possibly skyrocket your productivity at least 100% by simply organizing your belongings around your home and office. Here are some tools to help you when first embarking on your goal to organize your life.


Formulate a plan. There is nothing that is more potent to achieving your goals than having a plan to start off. A lot of people set far too broad goals when first embarking on any area of their life.

In order for this plan to fly, you have to have understandable, precise goals that are well defined and written out. Very likely, you will find it most successful to set long and short term goals. For instance, your long term goal could be getting your home organized in a year’s time. Your short term goal could be getting one room in order within a month.

After you have your goals in mind, write them down on paper and put that paper in a place you can view it often. Knowing a target in your head is not enough; it needs to be in a place where you can view it often and constantly motivate you to achieve your goals.

Finally, you need to determine why you want something. It’s not enough to simply want to get organized-you need to know why you have this desire. Without wanting something whole-heartedly, it will be nearly impossible to achieve it.


While the above tips may seem simple, it is incredible how many people set out to achieve a target without knowing what they want to get done. The simplest and yet most potent force to achieving your goals is knowing where you are going and why you are going in that direction. Follow these tips, and you will organize your life faster than you ever thought possible.

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