Needs in Self Mastery

According to Maslow, the “hierarchy of needs” may have a structure that we can follow. And this structure makes up one’s subordinate, origin of survival, and the needs to fulfill one’s self-mastery skills and higher planes of consciousness in order to direct his or her behaviors. Self-actualization is one of the greatest levels of self-mastery.


Self-actualization makes it easier for one to work through personal development. It requires personal skills and abilities to attain and preserve this level of development. Using several techniques, such as yoga, meditation, self-talk, role-play, and so forth, is the natural way to progress to these higher levels of self-mastery.

Many entities in the world are at the subordinate level of needs. The starting point is the focus of survival skills. Some people have a higher plane need established, which directs their behaviors. Through natural direction, these people move through self-mastery with skill.

In view of the facts, we know that an entity can comfortably form discriminating opinions of others, which demonstration of stereotyping forms and interrupts their overall life. All of us struggle with labels that others put on us, which has become a leading problem. It affects us and often shows in our behaviors. What this means is that we must let go of negative thinking in order to work toward self-mastery. It is the only way we can succeed in all areas of our life.

Some additional drawbacks in the workplace, schools, homes, – and so forth points to preferential treatment, or favoritism. Preferential treatment has caused many issues to develop, which is why many people lack self-mastery skills. It is because they lacked such skills from the start.

“Code of Ethics:”
The “Code of Ethics” must be followed in order for any of us to achieve our goal in self-mastery. In the workplace, employers must show fairness to all. Each entity within the environment must treat others equally and be treated equally as well in order for people to make the world a better place to live. Otherwise, it threatens our survival, which is the basic human need. EEOC outlines the consequences. If one fails to comply with the “Code of Ethics” by disregarding the policies and procedures, thus, the rules are broken and someone loses something as a result. Treating all people as equals is the best rule of thumb to apply to your production of self-mastery. When you treat others, including yourself unjustly it only triggers conflict. You want to create a pleasant working environment in all areas of your life.

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Despite that these rules exist, many employees, employers, and even the law ignore these rules. Mary also tells us, “In the work environment, the supervisor, owners, or managers are responsible for motivation. The morale on the job will determine the success, attitude, and dedication of the employees.

Staying optimistic, truthful, and treating all people with respect will create a constructive setting for everyone, including you. In the workplace, you can start introducing new ideas, gathering and working as a team, and so forth. This includes working with supervisors and participating in activities. Learn to understand personal and business issues so that it will motivate you and encourage you to meet deadlines, be attendance conscious, and adhere to policies and procedures. Follow the “Codes of Ethnics” and assess your needs and you will do fine.

We all must look deeper into the various things that could hold us back. This includes assessing our own behaviors, behaviors of others, perceptions, preconceived notions, conflicts, and stereotyping. When you work hard to avoid this type of thinking or behavior, you start to build self-mastery skills naturally.


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