Book Spotlight – 12 Laws of Karma

12 Laws of Karma

Life repeating the same old patterns? Embrace these 12 Laws of Karma to manifest a new version of yourself as well as life.

The book is written with a to-the-point language and tone with the intent to reach the reader in a clear way.

12 Laws of Karma will help you:
• Understand your impact on whole world
• Have awareness of how each one of us is connected
• Achieve the growth you are looking for
• Change the Karmic position
• Understand how to get from here to there

12 Laws of Karma is an intriguing self-realization book. If you like self-improvement, therapeutic, life-changing books, then you’ll love Manhardeep Singh’s indispensable book.

Buy 12 Laws of Karma to start changing the world around you today!


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