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Launch of “12 Laws of being Human”

12 Laws of being Human

What does it really means to be human? Embrace these 12 Laws of being Human to harness your innate power and become unstoppable.

The book is written with a to-the-point language and tone with the intent to reach the reader in a clear way.

12 Laws of being Human will help you:

• Understand your impact on whole world
• Have awareness of how each one of us is connected
• Be unstoppable on the face of challenges
• Become resilient
• Define who you want to be

12 Laws of being Human is an intriguing self-realization book. If you like self-improvement, therapeutic, life changing books, then you’ll love Manhardeep Singh’s indispensable book.

Buy 12 Laws of being Human and take hold of the most precious gift you have got as being human.

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