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These nuggets can help you:
• Be goal-driven vs emotion-driven
• Be strong on the face of criticism
• Handle difficult situations smoothly
• Increase likability among peers
• Be irresistibly charismatic

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Life is unknown, mysterious journey that offers us diverse experiences. These experiences mould our personalities and our outlooks to life. In the course of life, our experiences can be good or bad. While good experiences give us a sense of comfort, it is the ‘bad’ experiences that truly teach us truths about life. Some of us become strong after facing such ‘bad’ experiences while others simply give up.

The author has beautifully described Rama’s journey through a dark, unknown forest and Michel’s journey through a dark, unknown tunnel. What does Rama learn from his journey? How does he deal with his experiences? What about Michel? The Journey of the Unknown Path narrates their fascinating experiences.

“You will be given what you need at the right time on your journey without you knowing about it.”

Break Free delivers the techniques to apply in life to regain the lost power and confidence.

Reading this book will help you:
•Regain the confidence
•Bounce back from a setback
•Improve your perception of life
•Conquer fears

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Fear of public speaking or glossophobia is the second top fear human beings have. Studies suggest that upto 75% of the population is affected by it. This means out of every 10 people, at least 7 has it.

Phobias limit a person from doing something, imagine what fear of public speaking might be robbing the people from in their lives – addressing the team to achieve objective, getting the next promotion that can change the life, expressing freely in front of people.

“Don’t Fear the Mic” enlists 101 tips that helps you discover how you can stand up in front of the crowd you always feared from, that made you shiver, and do not fear the mic anymore.

Are you tired of motivating people or staying motivated? Start seeing motivation like never before concept with a single shift in perspective.

The Ultimate Book of Motivation will help you:
• Take responsibility for your life
• Be unstoppable on the face of failure
• Turn self-defeating thoughts around
• Change your outlook on life
• Motivate anyone to do anything

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David has a deep urge to discover himself, but his own family seems to be against him. Will David fulfill all his heart’s desires or will he be left to rot the rest of his life?

David is overwhelmed with joy after meeting his new classmate. He feels that his new classmate will be the person to guide him. But the guidance he received backfires when he fails the exams.

David is broken from within. His parents, teachers, and everyone else are against him. If he doesn’t get himself out of this, he will treat himself as a failure for the rest of his life.

As David meets his new neighbours, will they pull him out of this vicious circle?

The Story of a Wimpy Kid is a fast-paced fiction of a child who struggles to cope with society’s demands. If you like short but profound, fast-paced storyline, packed with life lessons, then you’ll love Manhardeep Singh’s thought-provoking book.

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