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2+2 is not 4

No, neither did you make mistake  in reading nor did I make mistake in writing.

2+2 is not always 4.


You have been learning, using and teaching everyone the same thing since your childhood and today you suddenly read an article titled “2+2 is not 4”, it would definitely not digest.

Its nothing contradictory to Mathematical calculations but yes, it is a call to change the traditional method of thinking.

The time has changed, we too have to change – ourselves, our perception and our belief system.

Now we need to start seeing things other way around (literally to stand on your head to see things upside down)

If you see things other way around, you’ll find that 2+2 actually means 14.

“Change your POV (Point of View) to be a POV (Person Of Vision).”

-Manhardeep Singh Ahluwalia

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