Whom you follow, is he following your dreams?

Adding 2+2 will always gives you 4 (if we don’t consider the concept of “2+2 isn’t 4“), no matter where you are. Whom you follow gives you exactly what he has right now, isn’t it? But still we forget to remember this fact and go ahead with what “people say”.

After the completion of the matric grade, many of my friends went for non-med, med and some were with me in commerce. Many of my friends jumped instantly from med to non-med and some to commerce, while some changed to medical.

Why did they do so? Why did they change their stream suddenly? Because “people said so” and they “heard so”.

In our life, we too sometimes follow some people, including me.

But before deciding to follow that person, we must decide whether that person has or living the life that we want to have and live? If yes, don’t look back. If no, look here and there, of course for options.

You are following a doctor, but you want to have a lot of time in your lifestyle. Do you think you have chosen the right person (profession) to follow?

You are following a programmer, but you want to be an athlete because of the numerous gold medals you have received for your outstanding performances. Do you think you are going for the right path?

Lets get to the minute thing of it. You want to buy a car and you go and discuss this with a colleague of yours who has a bike. Will you follow his suggestions? I think all he can suggest you is: “Cars are more uncomfortable, you have to drive them carefully and they can’t go through small lanes.”

You are in a job and you want to start another part time business along with it. You discuss this with your colleague (who, of course owns all those things that you own). What do you think he is going to suggest you? I believe, he would say: “Come on, already we get tired with our job. Do you think you need to put up extra burden?”

So the next time you are going to follow someone’s suggestion or are following someone, think – is he having what I want to have in my life? Is he following my dreams?

Follow wisely


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