A dream conceived is a dream achieved

Black Belt Men's Division

I didn’t realize this fact of life, till it happened to me.

I was in my 7th grade, when a Martial Arts teacher was appointed in my school and I was insanely curious about learning this amazing art. I was not able to join the classes for some reason, but I did join them in my (10+1) grade… that sounds too late, right?

But, its a reality of life that a dream conceived is a dream achieved.

I conceived the dream of learning martial arts and it came to reality… no matter how long it took to materialize.

Only one proof is not enough to justify the statement, isn’t it?

So here’s another one:

I was in Brown belt and my martial arts teacher was going to leave the school, he told us (me and my very close martial arts partner) that he has something in mind for us.

He unveiled that he was going to help us appear in a black belt test… WOW!!!! I was going to hug him, but then I realized that I’m in school and there should always be a distance between a student and a teacher.

What now? That teacher left the school… but before leaving he gave me a dream of passing the black belt test.

But to pass, I’ve to appear for the black belt test… and he is not here, then how can I appear?

To my amazement, another martial arts teacher was appointed, and within 2 months, he too said the same thing to us (isn’t it a dream come true? yes, it is)

And we successfully completed our intense training period, appeared for the black belt test and successfully passed it…

Remember: “A dream conceived is a dream achieved.”

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