When people don’t complete – they compete

“Its survival of the fittest.”

“There is cut-throat competition”

“You need to fight to get to the top.”

“If you can’t pull the other person down, how will you go up?”

“You need to USE the other person to get your work done.”

These are the statements you may be familiar with.

These are the statements we come to hear in the corporate world… and surprisingly, these statements are used by 97% of the people of the world who, as the stats states, earn only 3% of the world’s wealth.

But there is another bunch of people, they are very less in number… who don’t use the “Statements of competition” instead they use “Statements of completion” such as:

“Help others to get what they want, if you want to get what you want.”

“You need to complete each other to be the best.”

“2 brains are better than one.”

“If you pick up that person today, he may lend you hand if you fall tomorrow.”

These people are rare and are 3% of the total population making money as little as 97% of the total world’s wealth.

There exists two groups… where you want to go, only you’ll decide… but I know this that the person who follow’s 97%ers system will get what they get and vice versa, no doubt about it.

So… are you going to compete with each other or complete each other? This will decide in which category you fall… will you be a 97%er or a 3%er?

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