When you push, you pull

We never know, but its true that when we push, we actually pull.

Mother Teresa understood this phenomenon very well, that is why she said “I don’t want to be a part of any anti-corruption, anti-terrorist rally but if there would be any peace rally, I would love be the first person to lead.” When we push, we pull.

The best selling book of 2006, “The Secret” too explains the same phenomenon saying whatever our mind thinks, our body gets, irrespective of whether we like it or not.

I understood this phenomenon from a conversation between two of my friends – Joseph and Michael.

Michael answered to a person, which was perceived by that other person wrongly and which created a lot of trouble for Joseph.

What could you have expected from Joseph? He shouted upon Michael, telling him how he should not have answered what he answered. And Michael, on the other hand also started shouting that he said what was actually going on. The room had a tense atmosphere. And Joseph didn’t realize that what he is pushing is actually being pulled by him.

I came to action and rescued both of them from this phenomenon, otherwise, they would have finished their friendship in that room because of a small misunderstanding.

I told Michael, “Michael, you are absolutely right. You are right at your point of view.” When I pulled Michael’s idea, he opened up his mind to my words and I continued, “But Michael, there is another way to answer that question, do you want to know that?” I wanted him to open up to me rather than me forcing him to open up. Without taking much time he said, “Yes, I want to know how can I answer that question better.”

I told him what he can say in the future if someone asks the same question. During the whole conversation I made Joseph to be quite because Michael has already closed his mind to his words. And everything went smooth as expected only because instead of pushing we pulled the idea.

So sometimes, when we push, we actually pull.

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