The insight of the rich system

The Secret says because of the law of attraction the rich gets richer and the poor, poorer.

And it is true too.

Let’s see the insight of the same:

Rich do not become rich over-night. They build up a system that earns them the money.

A common trait which can be used to differentiate between Rich and Average is:

An average will always make money with his two hands and one brain (no exceptions) and the rich doesn’t do what the average does (that’s why he is Rich and not average), i.e. The rich creates/ hires millions of hands and brains to work for him.

A classic example relating to this concept can be that of Bill Gates, who has highly qualified and highly talented people working under him.

Feels self-realising? isn’t it?

Are you building a rich system for yourself or are you a part of someone else’s system?

It’s never too late, start working from now onwards, start building up a rich system, because if you won’t then definitely someone else will.

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