Why rich can’t be rich any more

Contrary to my previous post “The insight of the rich system” here I’m explaining why rich can’t be rich any more.

Why I choose to go against my last post is because we might have heard many rags to riches stories, but there too exist riches to rags stories unread, unexplored and unsaid.

So here is why rich can’t be rich any more.

We all heard it from our school teachers, “It requires hardwork to be the topper and more hardwork to retain that position.” My aim was not to get you that nostalgic feeling… hahahaha… anyways, the same rule applies to life too. If you want to be at the top, you have to do hardwork and if you want to retain that top position you have to put in more hardwork, that’s why I believe Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and all richest people still go to do their homework.

But what drives a person to do hardwork?

My site’s homepage says it “Every need and every deed has a reason – its dream .” So it is our dream that keeps us moving.

The young generation of such rich people do not realize this fact. Whatever they utter, it comes to pass. They don’t have any dream to work for. And sooner they are conditioned that only by uttering things come to pass. What happens next? When their time comes to work hard, they don’t know what it is and they fail and become an example which is not to be followed.

So rich can’t be rich any more, until the success traits are passed on to the younger generation and one of such success traits is HARDWORK!!!

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