What a Lizard taught me?

We never thought that a small creature like Lizard can teach us anything, but it did.

I was in the corridor and suddenly a lizard fell down on the floor, it swiftly came to its comfortable position and with a blink of an eye… WOW!!! it was again on the wall. Such an amazing thing it taught by doing all this.

It taught us that every creature is given some special ability just like Lizard can stick to walls, birds can fly, fishes can swim fast, humans can think… and even though we are given these special abilities still no one is perfect. Though we use our special ability (i.e. to think) everyday but don’t think that you won’t fall… and when you fall, don’t worry… its ok! Just dust yourself off, come to your normal condition and go to the same position again.

The same principle is followed in airlines too. A pilot who meets with an (plane) accident is positioned to fly as soon as possible because if they won’t, then that fear of fall (accident) will eat up his confidence.

You too might have experienced the same feeling, if you have met with an accident. We become normal only after driving the vehicle 2-3 days. Till then we are very cautious about driving, isn’t it?

I still remember when I used to fall while learning to cycle, my dad used to say, “It’s ok… stand up, sit on the seat and drive up faster.” Yup, the speed acted as a catalyst.

When I used to drown while learning swimming, my trainer used to say, “It’s ok… stand up, come to normal position and do it again.” And it worked.

When a move/ action didn’t happen during my martial arts class and I fell, my trainer used to say, “It’s ok… stand up, dust yourself off and try again.” And it worked.

Ups and downs are part of the life. We need to learn to dust ourselves off and get ready to race again.

So what will you do when the next time you fall? Simple, think of a Lizard.


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