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Discharge the battries n’ live the life to the fullest!

Well, I’m really tired but I can’t resist to share this secret to the world.

I was really frustrated, low on energy and was static… but a single event really changed all these negative symptoms to positive and that was attending my Martial arts class after a year.

According to me, all the problems come when our energy gets stuck, when the flow of energy in the body gets blocked.

It is a fact that a rechargeable battery’s life prolongs when it is charged only after its whole power is discharged.

Same goes with us, we are too like that rechargeable batteries, but we don’t need power to charge up, instead we require energy. Do you experience excitement and flow of energy after listening to a motivational speaker? That’s because he has transferred his energy to the audience. Have you experienced joy after sharing something with someone (even a stranger)? That’s because there is flow of energy. Flow of energy gives an elevated experience which can’t be explained in words… and that’s what you can experience in a Reiki session too.

But to live our life to the fullest, we should be ready to discharge our batteries completely and allow free flow of energy.

(Only for men) If you feel that you are frustrated, depressed, struck in the same position or that life can’t be better any more or any other such negative experience, just go out for an aggressive/ vigorous activity. Go for Martial arts class, go to gym, or any adventure, what ever it is it should be physically challenging (Consult your physician before going for any such physical activity) and you’ll definitely feel better.

To conclude, remember: “Discharge your batteries and live the life to the fullest.”

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