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Everyone experience it but Avrina defined it

Have you heard about “elusions”? Never? Well, same here, until I was introduced to them.

Have you ever experienced life turning the way you imagine it?

Somewhere, down the memory lane, we all have experienced that.

We close our eyes, think of something and WOSH!! it comes to pass. We are no less than God then, isn’t it?

But life is not a road uphill. It is a roller coaster ride. If you go up, you’re definitely going to come down.

If you use a power for evil things, then definitely they are gonna come upon you too. As the saying goes “What goes around, comes around.”

You do all you want to do to others being a God and then when your turn comes for the payback, you realize that you weren’t God but Satan.

Everything goes out of control.

And at the end you realize what it was – Elusion.

Same goes with Nadine Parkman. She leads a fairytale life. You might think she has unicorns for pets, and secret wings that can make her fly. But it was even better than that: a perfect family with a kind mom, a great dad and a wonderful sister.

But then the fairytale crumbles. And as Nadine stands on the rubble of her once-beautiful world, she realizes that she herself is the only reason behind her downfall.

Nadine then seeks a gift: a life of escape from reality, an elusive life.

And she gets exactly that: the gift of elusion. But all gifts come with a price-tag, don’t they?

An enchanting tale blend with love, joy, sorrow, tears, romance, success, failure, loss, fear and much more in THE APPLE ELUSIONIST.


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