The hunger you have may be killing you

Can you believe that the hunger you have at least thrice a day may be killing you.

It is said, “We dig our graves with our own teeth.” But how?

In order to understand this we need to dig deeper into the concept of hunger: Lets talk about the types of hunger.
There are generally two types of hunger:

1. From stomach

2. From tongue

While the first type, i.e. hunger from stomach, is healthy and good. It is the second type, i.e. hunger from tongue, which creates problem.

I sometimes have paronthas as breakfast. The hunger for stomach satisfies after having two parnthas, but I always have three, to satisfy the hunger from tongue as well.

You might have also observed or experienced the same. Today, Fast food and Junk food is always preferred over the normal healthy meal. The fast food and junk food satisfies the hunger for tongue but not for the body and stomach and ultimately degenerates our health.

So the next time you are eating something, think twice – Are you eating for the stomach (life) or the tongue (death)?

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