When I was not a topper

When I was not a topper I had many misconceptions about what a topper was. I was standing in the assembly line for the morning prayer when I saw my friend joining hands in a different style and I thought may be that made all the difference. I changed my style of joining hands and observed the results for a month but nothing changed. I thought I was focusing on the wrong thing.
I thought the events that happen to us before the exam on the exam day may affect the result. I thought those events actually make all the difference. I clearly noted all the events that happened with me on the day my exam went well. I tried to have all those events in my another exam but the results were not as I was expecting. I again thought that I may be focusing on the wrong thing.
Then I read somewhere “For success in any field, little things do not matter much – they matter everything” and a seed of doing little things everyday sowed into my mind. I made it a rule to read one page of my academic book everyday. This little change of effort astonished me with the results I got. I was among the top three rank holders of the class all the way from being somewhere in the last. Finally, I found out what made all the difference. It was ME and my LITTLE EFFORTS EVERYDAY.
As this experience helped me realize the importance of little efforts, little things we do everyday. So for all those who are reading this, I would like to quote the line which helped me realize this:

For success in any field, little things do not matter much – they matter everything!

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