Learning from Snakes and Ladders

While Snakes and Ladders was being highlighted on a news channel, a thought popped into my mind. The thought that our life is so similar to Snakes and Ladders game. On deeper thought, I was amazed to realize that we have been playing this game since childhood but never realized how it is similar to our life.

Let’s see how it is similar to life:

In the game, the very first criteria is to get a “six” on the dice to get your bot (= person) onto the board to advance to the finish line. In real life it is the very first step we have to take out of our comfort zone to start the career. There are struggles, disappointments, rejections and frustration but it is a necessary step, a step you can not avoid. And it is of course the hardest part.

Next comes the advancing stage in the game when we throw the dice every time to see how many blocks will our bot advance. In life, the similar stage is when you have to do ACTION on daily basis. We have to put in our TIME and ENERGY to advance in the stage.

Moving further, there are ladders in the game which help our bot to advance multiple blocks instantly. In life, similar ladders come when our actions are APPRECIATED. These may be in the form of OPPORTUNITIES or any other means but the main thing is that they advance us in our lives and take us closer to our goals.

Sometimes in game, we reach a block with snake‘s mouth. The snake bites our bot and takes him away from the finish line. In real life too there are various events, persons or situations that happen in life that work as snake’s mouth. Now the real question comes is – When a snake bites our bot, do we stop playing the game? Do we quit the game even when the opponent’s bot crosses our bot? We don’t. We always hope and work towards winning the game even when the opponent’s bot is on 96th block while ours on 15th. Similarly in life, we should not lose hope when we face resistance, challenges or rejection.

Just like we keep playing the game till our bot reaches the finish line. In the same way, we should always keep fighting, keep playing the game of life till we WIN, till we fulfill our dreams, till we get what we want in life.

The secret behind WINNING is being Lucky CONSISTENT AND PERSISTENT and not quitting the game till you win.


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