From what I was to who I am

A lot of people have known me, Manhardeep, as a very studious, intelligent, enthusiastic, energetic person, but only a few have actually seen the older part of me – Manhar Deep (I used to write my name like this)

I was an average student with average grades and average grasping power. Zero creativity and no discipline. That was me, in short.

In this post, I’ll be unveiling five of the qualities which I believe have brought me from where and what I was to who I am now:

1. Character:


I believe, your character can take you from where you are to where you can be. Having a good character can make wonders by shifting your feelings for others. I believe I got promoted at a very fast pace at my high school only because I had a good character.

2. Obedience:

Elders are people with experience. If you don’t obey them, you’ll have to pay for not following the experience at the later stage.  I obeyed the elders and got the benefit of using the experience of others. It saved me TIME and EFFORT which I would have otherwise wasted to learn the same lessons others have already learnt.

3. Company:

Birds of a feather flock together. All I would say is take care what feathers are you wearing? Are you in the right company? Are your so called FRIENDS, are advising you the right thing? Keep your consciousness aside and let your instinct answer these questions for you. If you think something is wrong, change your company.

4. Self-worth:

If you are good, you are an inspiration, otherwise an example to not be followed. So this means whatever you do, impacts in positive or negative way. Understand your worth and work towards becoming an inspiration for other to follow.

5. Be live and wild:

Play hard. Party hard. Live every moment to its fullest. Enjoy each and every second of your life. Find positive in everything you see. Appreciate publicly and criticize privately.


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