Getting acquainted with: CHARACTER

You might have heard a million times “When character is lost, all is lost” but what exactly is character? Lets get acquainted with it.

What is Character?

Character is what you do when you think no one is watching. Character is what you decide to do when you know that you’ll not be caught. Its actually your CIRCUMSTANCES DECISION that determines your CHARACTER.

When Character is developed?

Your character is never developed when everything is going perfect in your life, instead character is developed when you face challanges and problems. Your character is developed in valleys and not on top of the mountain.

Can we change our Character?

Yes, you can change your character. Though, to have permanent changes it needs some discipline, effort and time. As discussed earlier that character is not determined by your circumstances but by your DECISIONS. So taking decisions is in your hands and therefore character can be changed.

Easiest, Fastest, Best and Most powerful way to change Character:

Here is a list of activities you can do to change your Character as soon as possible:

1. Be friends with people who are better than you. Learn how do they carry out work. How they create a plan and execute it properly. How do they handle any challenge? What are the words they use? How do they treat others?

2. Read regularly. Little things done everyday, regularly, adds up to BIG results. If you can READ and WRITE, but you don’t READ and WRITE, then you are no better than people who CANNOT READ and WRITE. (Note: If you didn’t get the point, I recommend to re-read the sentence to get the important meaning out of it)

3. Compete with yourself to complete yourself. In everything you do, there is competition, its natural. But not everyone competes with themselves. You are not here to win over others, you are here to win over yourself, to be better person today than you were yesterday.

4. Maintain Emotional Bank Balance. Make an emotional bank for yourself. If you make a person feel happy, smile or give him shoulder when he needs or do anything which your instinct says is right, it all credits into your account and all the opposite debits your emotional bank account.

5. Be your best friend. You are your own best friend. Others may betray you but you’ll never betray yourself. Take out some time for yourself. Reflect and learn from the events happened in the day. Stand in front of the mirror, look directly into your eyes and say “<your name> is the best” “<your name> you are the best”. Initially, it would sound and feel weird, nothing to worry about. This is truly magical. You’ll find everything turning positive. You’ll find yourself more confident and literally THE BEST.


Character is one such quality which distinguish the best from the rest. It would not be wrong to call character as your best friend and worst enemy. If you have a strong, positive character you can reach great heights. on the contrary, a bad character can work in itself as a worst enemy and will be the very first reason for your downfall.

From an author’s point of view:

If you look through an author’s POV,  your character in your life is as important as a character is in an author’s novel. If the character (in the novel) is not strong enough to handle the situations of the story then the story is of zero significance. Similarly, if your character is not strong to fight all the odds of life then your life story would be of no significance.

At last, all I would say is, Have a strong character and make your life story count.


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