Thanx teacher for SLAPPING me!

We all have heard Life is beautiful. But most of us don’t feel it is.  I would say that “Life is beautiful, and indeed it is beautiful but only if you know two things:
1. Facing rejection and,
2. Handling failure.”

A person can be very easily conditioned to a mindset when he is young. We need to understand the importance of teaching the young teens how to face rejection and handle failure. But unfortunately, the fast-paced money-oriented world has forgot its very first work to help the fellow being. Now how can you expect anyone to teach children the real values of life which me and you have learnt from our elders?

You may be wondering how you learnt to face rejections and failures. Well, we learnt it from our teachers. They punished us if we did wrong, they gave us some written punishment if we scored low and they even slapped us if we crossed our limits. But because of changes in the various systems and interference of legal matter everywhere somewhere we have lost something in order to GAIN more COMFORT. Now the teachers can’t touch a child and the child doesn’t learn how to endure a disappointment, which further also creates the reason of taking DRUGS to beat off the stress from disappointment at such a tender age.

Well, now you may be wondering what can we do? hmmm… nothing to worry, NATURE has its own ways of maintaining the balance. Now you can’t ask a teacher to beat you or punish you, but instead nature may give you some other situations having the same intensity as that of getting punishment from the teacher, so that you learn to ENDURE difficulties and face rejections and failures.

So, do not ask GOD to take away your problems, instead ask HIM to try everything he has on YOU. For me, I would like to thank my teacher(s) for slapping me, because of which I have learnt much more than what can be founded in the books.


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