What do you need to be successful

Well, to be frank there are many myths out there about achieving success and standing out of the crowd. Yes, you read it correct. I was doing my book’s event in my school when my former English teacher came to me and said, “To write a book you need to be EXCELLENT in English.” I wasn’t then and I am still not EXCELLENT in English but have written and published two books.

So what do you really need to be successful?

You do not need EXPERIENCE to be successful.
But you need a DESIRE within yourself to succeed and be the MOST EXPERIENCED person in your field.


You do not need to belong to a high-class rich family to be successful,
But you need to have the FIRE within to reach the TOP.


You do not need to be YOUNG to start working towards your dreams,
But you need to be WILLING to do your best and then some more.


Now that you know some of the things you need to be successful, do you think you have what it takes to succeed?


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