How To Turn The Dream Into A Reality

The first step is to understand that in order to achieve success you must take action. Inertia is the most common reason for lack of success!


What is your dream? Your goals for the future? What do you want to achieve in your life in the next week? month? year? 5 years? What would you like people to remember you for after you have left this world?

• Think big – challenge yourself. Reach for the stars!

• Be clear about where you are now. Audit your strengths and areas for development

• What needs to be done to eliminate the gap between your dream and the reality?

• Prioritize – Look for quick wins, consider those things which will have maximum long term impact. Build solid foundations, think of sustainability!

• Set challenging but realistic targets. Aim high.

• Communicate your vision, and keep doing so. Ensure that all stake holders understand and subscribe to the same vision.

• Who do you need to involve? How will you ensure they sign up to and stay committed to the vision?

• Think about the language you use – sound positive, if others think you are confident it can be achieved. They will gain confidence too. Develop a “Can do” mentality within your staff. For every problem there is a solution, encourage others to see themselves as problem solvers not problem givers.

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• Create clear lines of communication which operate at every level and in all directions.

• Break each priority down into small achievable steps, involve your team.

• Who needs to do what – by when? Set a timetable

• Identify the roles and responsibilities for all staff; ensure that staff take ownership without creating a “jobs worth” approach.

• Ensure that people are appropriately trained and that training is constantly updated.

• Build in the monitoring and review process from the start so you can evaluate performance and be prepared to adjust as necessary. (By creating a culture of development rather than blame huge potential will be released.)


• Celebrate success! and remember to thank people for their contribution, give credit where it due and be generous with it.

• Develop professional honesty within your staff, constructive feed back can be invaluable.

• Finally leave your ego behind as it will simply get in the way of your success.


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