Confidence: Dealing With And Creating Self Confidence

Our society is in some ways becoming increasingly isolated and individualized, leading to less worthwhile personal connectivity between us humans. In some cases this is not always a bad thing; however the decreased amount of human interaction could be a potential problem over time. It is my opinion that we are already seeing the effects of this in the west. With a decrease in interaction with other humans from many different back grounds we run the treat of losing some of our most valuable communication skills and in a lot of cases, don’t even build the experiences to acquire them in the first place.


So, what happens if we lose out on life experiences and building the skills that they can help up to attain? Well with a reduced amount of human interaction and lack of constructive communication we can feel self conscious when we are put into certain situations when we are older. As a therapist, I help a large amount of people with things such as social confidence or social phobia. Nearly always it is presented to me by the client that they feel that they just don’t fit in, that their opinion just doesn’t count and that they wish just to remain in the background – well at least until we have successfully treated them. This is quite a common situation and something that I help clients with on a daily basis.

So, a lack of communication and human connectivity or interaction can lead to confidence and self esteem problems. If this is the case for you, what can you do about it? You can boost your confidence in many ways; however it is always best to consider the most effective root, so that you can resolve the issue as soon as possible. Think about where you notice your lack of confidence, as it almost certainly will not affect you all of the time. There may be some friends that you feel fine with and it may be just meeting new people. You might experience confidence issues at work or while playing sports. Once you know where a lack of confidence or low self esteem is going to rear its ugly head you are better placed to deal with it successfully.


Once I have helped a client to do this I generally use hypnosis and self hypnosis to tackle these areas specifically, and assist the client to gain confidence just where they know that it will be needed. This works as with hypnosis you can simply reprogram the part of the brain that we refer to as your sub-conscious mind and have it generate confidence in the areas that you want and need it in.

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