The Keys To Creating More Romance In Your Life Are Within You

We can intentionally create a lasting vibrant romantic energy with the use of our desire, intention, and attention. We create our own reality from moment to moment. We can create as much romance as we desire if we know how to creatively use our intention and attention.

Since most people express the desire to have more romance in their lives, it really begs the question: How do you create a romance that lasts? What’s the secret to energizing your life with a lasting, vibrant romantic energy?


It’s critical to embrace the concept that we create our own reality. From moment to moment, we are literally creating the life we live out of a field of infinite potential. Thoughts, desires, attentions, and intentions are all crucial elements in manifesting the current reality in which we live.

Regardless of specific religious or metaphysical belief, it is universally agreed that beneath the physical beingness there is a spiritual beingness as well, and that the nature of this spirit is infinite. And since at the true core of our being we are infinite, by definition we possess unlimited creative potential.

The keys to unlocking and directing this potential, that is, creating our reality, have to do with the quality of our intention and desire, and how and where we focus our attention. What we focus on becomes our reality. This is one of the immutable laws of our universe.

Your intentions have great power. They organize the infinite field of potential and bring it into harmony with your desires. Attention, on the other hand, enlivens your reality. If you want more of something, put your attention on it. Intend that it be so. This powerful combination of intention and attention helps mold your living reality from moment to moment.

From this perspective, romance can be understood as a condition of loving reality that is created from moment to moment from and within the infinite field of pure potentiality. Often it happens spontaneously between two people. It seldom lasts long, however, and even more seldom forever. It is possible, though, to create a lasting romance; it takes honest desire, loving intention, and constant loving attention. Like any life force, romance needs constant nurturing to grow and stay healthy.

So if you desire more romance in your life, start by thinking about the romance you want. Take time each day to envision your life with more romance in it. Try to visualize clearly what your life would be like, and how your conditions would change. Imagine yourself being romantic in vivid detail. Write down on paper your vision and read it daily. Post it somewhere where you can see it often.

Also, examine your intention about romance. Are your intentions to create more love in your life, or are they about something else? And most important, are you committed to its creation? Over time, are you really willing to do what it takes to manifest it in your life?

You can create anything in your life with honest and strong desire, positive and committed intention, and consistent loving attention. These are all keys to creating a lasting romance in your life as well.


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